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JOYWARE–China International Security Summit and Forum

Joyware Media



This year we focused more on the "Innovation to Achieve dream". The purpose is to use rapid development of our R&D team, strengthen the bond between security situation and market demand, to carry out international cooperation and expand international trade platform. During the event of Security China 2016 Expo, we welcomed more than 15,000 professional visitors at home and abroad to visit our booth, who are from United States, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Hungary, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Israel, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Etc.

Joyware products were identified as " Awards for Innovative Products ", after experts rigorous online selection, assessment, outstanded itself from 311 application materials in all. Also, talking about awards for 2016 security solutions, we are proudly on the list. We have won the Security City, Traffic security solutions in 318 security solutions, from more than 200 companies. To further show the practical application of our new technologies, Joyware president-Shi Xugang attended the China international security summit forum and made a speech, which won a big thumb up from industry peers and public security representatives.