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Safe City Is Changing in the Digital World

Joyware Media



Recently, a project named “safe city” has become a hot topic in discussion. How to make our 

living and working quarters safer? How to build a powerful security monitoring network with the 

development of electronics, computer, communication and the automation technology?  Previously, 

we need to build a intelligent safe defense system as soon as possible to achieve the effective 

management of the city, cracking down illegal crime, accelerate security system construction, 

and then, build a harmonious society. 

The “safe city” video surveillance system implementation was launched officially of early May,

2016 in Saihan District in Hohhot City, Inner Mongolia province of China.With solid security 

solution experience and advanced technology, JW offers efficient and reliable technology support 

services to drive the project forward.

“Safe city” program helps to carry out the comprehensive management of social order, improve 

visual management level, and enhance?government’s capacity?to respond to?public?emergencies.

Across the world, police and security agencies recognize that traditional security analog practices 

no longer meet the needs of modern cities.

In today's digital economy, a variety of new security threats have emerged. Hence, we need to evolve 

from building urban security systems to enhancing collaborative public security. We must keep pace 

with rapid societal and technological changes, and improve security arrangements for inter-agency 

collaboration as well as deepen police-public cooperation.