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Solution Introduction

Overview of the highway industry 

In recent years, remarkable achievements were made in highway construction in our country, the highway as the skeleton, the provincial trunk highway basic form as the main body of the national trunk road 

network. The highway monitoring system has also made great progress as the core of the highway system. As a kind of visual management, highway monitoring system provides operation management with 

real-time, accurate, complete traffic and traffic information. In the case of abnormal traffic, through the system can timely find the accident or blocked area, real time linkage release corresponding induction and 

rescue information, avoid secondary accident, ensure the highway traffic efficiency and traffic safety.

Existing problems HD intelligent level highway monitoring system, and information collection cover is not complete, each subsystem information island, low degree of networking, regional coordination ability is 

insufficient, public travel service level is not high. These problems severely restricted the highway informationization level of ascension, restricts the high speed highway network operation monitoring and 

scientific management ability, also affects the highway emergency disposal ability and the ability of public service.

Along with the rapid development of security technology, how to utilize the existing advanced technology, enhance the level of highway network operation monitoring and scientific management, improve national 

trunk highway network security performance and service quality, improve the highway emergency disposal ability and the ability of public service, to achieve national trunk highway network "visible, measurable 

and controllable" development goals, and promoted the people safety, smooth, convenient and green road travel services has become a new generation of expressway monitoring system of the construction of the 

main goals.

Introduction of highway solutions

Transportation infrastructure and transport equipment are expanding in size, and traffic management faces huge challenges. Has formed the assets to make use of information means to make full use of and potential 

for mining, improving the efficiency of the traffic infrastructure and transport equipment, security network unimpeded, has become an important task of an imminent.

Highway monitoring system, based on the video monitor system, road incident detection system, illegal capture system, path identification system, van presence detection system, knowledge system, environment 

monitoring system, information publishing system and so on the many kinds of highway special scene monitoring system as a whole, realize the unification of the data required to run the access, effective integration of 

the highway data and video business, to achieve reunification of the business application.

Highway intelligent monitoring system with VAR3S hd video integrated platform as the core, constructed from toll station, tunnel management stations to stretch the monitoring center to the provincial monitoring center 

three-level network monitoring, real-time for highway network linkage command, event detection, rapid disposal to lay a solid technical foundation.

Program features

(1) The full HD

The whole system adopts full hd technology to realize full hd video monitoring of high definition, transmission, display and storage. Not only can you provide clear image details, but you can also bring more data sources 

to intelligent analysis systems.

(2) The integration of transmission and transmission

China wei has launched a series of integrated hd smart video cameras (including cloud, ball and gun) that are suitable for high-speed highway monitoring and environmental features. The camera combines high-definition 

camera technology and smart video analysis technology with the company's core optical transmission technology. HD smart camera collection and transport integration using new type of optical fiber access network tech-

nology (JW Real - Time Ring optical self-healing protection technology), can achieve 10 ms optical self-healing recovery quickly. Compared with the traditional scheme, it has the advantages of saving fiber, low cost, high 

bandwidth, high system reliability and high extensibility. Camera built-in intelligence analysis module at the same time, compared with general back-end analysis scheme, because the video without using transmission to 

the back end, and there is no network packet loss and delay on detection effect, powerful guarantee the accuracy of video detection.

(3)Full range HD monitoring

According to characteristics of different monitoring environment, zhongwei can provide corresponding lighting technologies such as infrared, laser hd haeundae and ir hd speed dome machine products, can not only meet 

the demand of high-definition monitor 24 hours a day, still can meet the demand of cosco distance hd monitor.

(4) Seamlessly compatible with the hd system

The system can not only be compatible with HD IP video system, HD hd-sdi video system, but also can be compatible with the uncompressed and uncompressed system and the digital digital system. It is the ideal solution 

for the new high definition monitoring system and the ideal choice of the old analog video monitoring system.

(5) Advantages of system architecture

The system is based on the VAR3S hd digital video comprehensive platform, which is implemented from the toll booth/tunnel management station to the road monitoring center. Go to the provincial monitoring center and the 

complete video network for every desktop user. The whole video network monitoring system using optical fiber transmission network, star support optical fiber type, chain type, self-healing ring network, greatly enhances the 

security of the video transmission, stability and economy.

Gathering transmission integrated application of high-definition cameras, save the transmission equipment, do not need to signal cable, also need not signal lightning protection, simplify the intermediate devices, to maximize 

the reliability and stability of the front end system.

VAR3S hd video integrated platform as the core equipment of center end video monitoring system, integrating high-definition digital video optical fiber transmission network, hd video matrix, hd video screen control, Wan Zhao 

Ethernet switching, multilevel video networking, and other functions into an organic whole, the integration of the equipment are high, stable and reliable, maintenance work less.

(6) Multisystem comprehensive management

System based on video monitoring system, road incident detection system, environment monitoring system, information publishing system, and other high-speed applications, effective integration of the highway data and video 

business, to achieve reunification of the business application.

Introduction of the various subsystems of highway industry

Introduction of toll station monitoring system

The toll station monitoring system includes the video monitoring system (lane monitoring, toll booth monitoring, toll plaza monitoring, station monitoring) and entry and exit recognition systems.

The toll lane USES an integrated high-definition unit to monitor the passing of the vehicle and the toll operator's corresponding operating procedures and license plate capture recognition. The toll booth is used in the high definition 

hemisphere to monitor the operations of the toll collector; The toll plaza is used to monitor traffic congestion and other abnormal conditions in the toll plaza.

Above the camera through the Internet access gigabit Ethernet ring network remote access devices, multiple lanes of gigabit Ethernet ring network remote access devices through the optical fiber, optical fiber ring network way 

access inside the hd video integrated platform of toll station. The toll booth is monitored, and the alarm signal is connected directly to the audio and alarm interface of the high hd hemisphere in the booth to complete the functions 

of audio synchronous coding and alarm. The accounting room, the monitor room and other stations monitor the use of the high definition hemisphere, directly through the network wire to receive the high definition digital video 

comprehensive platform.

Toll station to hd video integrated platform (VAR3S) as a core device, and configure IPSAN, alarm host, video workstations, TV wall, screen splicing equipment such as toll station monitoring system. Realize the functions of video 

access, matrix control, storage, alarm linkage, upper wall display and connected uploads.

Introduction of tunnel monitoring system

Tunnel monitoring system, including video surveillance system (in monitoring, the monitoring of the hole, hole horizontal hole/parking area monitoring, substation monitoring) and video event automatic detection system.

The common point in the tunnel is to use high definition to collect the integrated gun, which is used to monitor the traffic operation in the tunnel. In accordance with the requirements of construction, in some special points in hd 

collection transmission integrated intelligent bolt, used in the detection of tunnel traffic parameters and various kinds of traffic incidents, accidents of automatic detection; The tunnel hole is adopted by high definition and transmission 

integrated cloud platform/ball machine, which is used to monitor the traffic and environment of the tunnel. The tunnel/parking belt USES high definition and transmission integrated cloud platform/ball machine, which is used to 

monitor the cross-hole/parking area traffic.

Tunnel monitoring is picked up from the zhongwei transport integration camera series, the fuselage embedded transmission module, through the camera optical interface by optical fiber ring network access station tunnel of hd video 

integrated platform.

Tunnel management stations to hd video integrated platform (VAR3S) as the core device, and configure IPSAN event detection, video server, video server, video workstations, TV wall, screen splicing equipment management ZhanJi 

of tunnel monitoring system. Implement tunnel video access, matrix control, storage, control, network to upload, video event detection, and other subsystems (fire, emergency telephone, video detection subsystem) linkage, and other functions.

The video event automatic detection function

Video incident automatic detection system is to use the hd collection and transport integration intelligent bolt, through the analysis of the processing of video image, the image of the covering range, it can test the traffic parameters and the 

automatic detection of traffic incident, accident, and the system can real-time fast automatic alarm and video.

Real-time traffic measurement: including traffic flow, average speed, share, workshop distance, queue length etc.

Traffic incident detection: including vehicle accident, vehicle shutdown, traffic jam, slow traffic, pedestrian, vehicle retrograde, remains, smoke and fire detection.

External monitoring system

Field monitoring system including video surveillance system (each area monitoring, road monitoring, service monitoring), trucks presence detection system, illegal capture system, the multipath recognition and automatic test system such 

as video events.

Each area, the road, service area in hd video monitoring collection and transport integration yuntai/ball machine (ir/laser series), used to observe omni-directional real-time exchange area, along the road, service area of traffic flow, road 

conditions and operation order; In some special places, the integrated intelligent gun is used in high definition, which can be used for the detection of road traffic parameters and the automatic detection of all kinds of traffic accidents and accidents.

HD collection transport integration yuntai/ball machine and hd collection transport integrated intelligent the bolt, the fuselage embedded transmission module, through the camera optical interface by optical fiber ring network access roads inside 

the hd video integrated platform of monitoring information. Field intelligent application system, variable information board, microwave city, meteorological monitoring devices via gigabit Ethernet ring network remote access and acquisition integration 

of transmission yuntai/ball machine hybrid optical networking methods access to the section of monitoring information within the local area network (LAN). Road monitoring sub-center end to hd video integrated platform (VAR3S) as the core device, 

and configure IPSAN, video server management, intelligent application server, video workstations, TV wall, screen splicing equipment such as road branch level monitoring and control system. Complete road video and data access, matrix control, 

storage, upper wall display, networking uploads, various intelligent applications.

Center level monitoring system

The monitoring center is the central node of the whole monitoring system, and all monitoring data is gathered, processed, analyzed and released. A unified network monitoring center, can give full play to the global route guidance of traffic monitoring, 

network scheduling, emergency management, and other functions, play a biggest high-speed traffic capacity of road network and traffic efficiency.

Section monitoring center

Road monitoring information by VAR3S hd video integrated platform, IP SAN storage devices, video management server, streaming media server, intelligent application server, such as TV wall, screen splicing equipment. Responsible for receiving 

all sections of the toll station, tunnel, outfield upload video, data, information, at the same time to the provincial monitoring center to upload information about various control commands and receive the provincial monitoring center and system 

parameter information.

Provincial monitoring center

The provincial monitoring center is composed of VAR3S hd digital video integrated platform, video management server, video streaming server, GIS server, Mosaic screen etc. Is responsible for receiving all sections sub-center upload video, data, 

implement the provincial highway traffic monitoring, data gathering, coordination between road branch management and emergency response work, under the emergency state, distributed disposal instructions.



Installation Example

Introduction of the functional module of the business subsystem

The license plate automatically identifies the business subsystem

License plate automatic recognition system of car license plate automatic recognition of the toll station, can effectively prevent fall, resulting in the loss of the tolls and cars in the toll station at the same time reduce the time and improve charging management 

system technology content and quality of service.

The big truck violates the law and detects the business subsystem

Lorries presence detection system for the ACTS of illegally occupied lane highway trucks automatic detection and capture, complete license plate recognition and data upload at the same time, provide the basis for later punishment education.

Detect the business subsystem of the forensics process

Detected in three locations are driving in the fast lane put the driveway without interference of vehicles, can determine the vehicle exist for a long time to take up the behavior of the fast lane, and then determine whether the vehicle through the use of advanced vehicle 

recognition for trucks.

Violation of the business subsystem

Violation detection capture system can implement for illegal parking and retrograde (backward), the vehicle automatic tracking, record the process of illegal, and license plate automatic recognition, as a late penalty education provide a complete chain of evidence.

The multi-semantic path identifies the business subsystem

Path recognition system of vehicle license plate recognition technology to build identification points, at the same time the reuse fees stop knowledge system, solve the problem of path identification, based on the vehicle license plate recognition technology of polysemy 

path recognition system, realize the recognition of vehicle's path in the grid, the polysemy path of the vehicle tolls accurately split.

The video event detects the business subsystem

Expressway incident detection system for parking, congestion, retrograde, pedestrians, spilling and other kinds of abnormal traffic incident detection, and upload alarm to the monitoring center. Can lane lane flow, average speed at the same time, queue length, the 

headway of traffic data collection and analysis of detection, provide data support for transportation planning and scheduling.

Rushing bayonet detection  business subsystem

Highway toll the rush card system and achieve card vehicles find panoramic images, through the license plate recognition, vehicle recognition, face recognition technology for card to identify the vehicles and drivers. So as to realize the captured images of form at the

truck, video card, impact and truck, driver characteristics as one of the chain of evidence, to advance warning, afterwards audit goal.

Vehicle video monitoring and mobile Internet business subsystem

Automotive system is based on wireless transmission network, realizes the front-end audio information, GPS information and alarm information through the wireless network transmission into the center of the background, fusion of various applications for mobile Internet 

at the same time, can not only provide on-board video monitoring and video, local use of the on-board wireless vehicle monitoring video priority transmission to the mobile video surveillance center platform, and can use the on-board wireless networks provide passengers 

sharing WiFi Internet, browse the local resources, advertising, distribution, and other functions, is widely used in public transport, ChangYun, school bus, taxi and logistics industry.